Kings Church Seaford


Over 20 years ago a handful of people moved from Hastings to Eastbourne with the express purpose of starting a new church called Kings. It started in a house and then moved to a pub. From the pub they went to a school and then in 1999 Kings settled in a warehouse. Growing in numbers, they launched multiple meetings and planted two new venues. Out of this Kings Seaford was established in 2010.

Kings Church shares the same history, vision and DNA across all three venues. We’re very much a family, having many things in common. And, like a family, each member has it’s own unique personality and character. Come along to Kings Seaford and you’ll find local people who love our town and seek to bless our community. To find out more about Kings Church as a whole, visit

Kings Church History


Jesus makes it clear what the ultimate purpose of the church is: to love God and to love people. We express our love for God through worship, and we communicate our love for people by introducing them to the good news of Jesus and the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit.

At Kings, God has spoken to us specifically about the type of community he wants us to be. As one church, across Eastbourne, Centro and Seaford, we have three main goals.

Reaching: seeing many people added to the church and becoming followers of Jesus.

Reconciling: seeing relationships recovered, broken lives mended, and hurting people restored and released into their new identity in Christ.

Resourcing: serving other churches around the world with materials, finances and people, helping them bring hope to their own communities.

So our vision is to see the church, which has grown from a house church into a warehouse church, become a storehouse church that reaches, reconciles and resources people by bringing the good news of Jesus to Eastbourne, Seaford and beyond.


At Kings, we aim to build church the way they did in the Bible. In the New Testament, there were two types of leader in every local church. There were elders (also called ‘overseers’ or ‘pastors’), men who took the ultimate responsibility for leading, teaching, caring for and protecting the church. Then there were ‘deacons’, gifted men and women who worked alongside the elders to help them, by running and co-coordinating various aspects of church life. Together, these two groups form our leadership team. For details of our leadership team across all venues, visit the Leadership Team page on the main Kings website.


Arriving at Seaford Head College (Arundel Road site), you will be directed to a parking space. If it’s raining, we will give you an umbrella to save you getting drenched! Our Seaford meeting starts at 10am and lasting approximately an hour and a half, our meetings are times for worship, equipping, giving, informing and friendship.

The welcome team (in our blue shirts) are here to serve you from the moment you step through the doors to the time you leave. Our Visitor Café is located opposite the main entrance; we would love to meet you over tea or coffee and get to know you a bit better.

If you want to find out about our church or have any questions, then the Info Point is the place to connect with what’s going on, find out about life groups, register for events or courses, ask about our various programmes, and just about anything else, really. If we can’t answer your question, we’ll get someone who can to contact you.

Our Visitor Café is open from 9.30am, so why not arrive early for tea or coffee before the meeting starts or hang around for a while afterwards!


We want to build the kind of church we’ve seen in the Bible: a church where everyone knows their identity with a Father God who loves and cares for them, where Jesus is glorified and where the Holy Spirit empowers us to be effective witnesses in our community and beyond.

We love having visitors, but we want to build a real community, a band of brothers and sisters all on mission together. To find out all about who we are, what we believe and where you fit in you can sign up to our 'Rooted: Joining the Church' course on a Sunday morning.


Kings is part of the Newfrontiers family of churches, with links into many nations in the continents of Asia, Australasia, Africa, Europe and North America.

We believe that we can achieve more together with churches that share the same heart and vision than we can on our own. We love the friendships God has given us around the world, and as part of Newfrontiers our mission is to establish strong churches where believers are able to work out God’s purposes for their lives and make a difference in their respective communities.

We acknowledge the importance of apostolic ministry that helps to build churches on strong biblical foundations and here at Kings we receive apostolic input and direction from leaders we recognise with this gift from within the Newfrontiers family.

Kings is itself actively involved with churches in some of these nations, and has sent people and teams to support projects in projects in Peru, Zimbabwe and Bulgaria.

Find out more about Newfrontiers at